October 16, 2005

Congrats to Indiana & Michigan ASIS&T Chapters!

The Lethal Librarian reports the Indiana and Michigan Chapter of ASIS&T "won chapter event of the year award for their program on "To Google or Not To Google." They share the award with the NEASIST chapter for their "Syndicate, Aggregate, Communicate" event."

Woohoo! Hooray for Indiana and Michigan and Hooray for Beatrice and her group as well. I was honored to participate in NE-ASIS&T this year!

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May 24, 2005

NEASIST Podcasts are Up!


(my voice is speeded up just an notch... it's not that high!)

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May 09, 2005

On the way back from Providence...

Jenny and I plugged into our respective music devices and the sun dipped below the clouds.


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May 06, 2005

May 05, 2005

NEASIST: Twelve Steps to Optimize Technology in Your Library

Twelve Steps to Optimize Technology in Your Library

How do we implement, sustain and report on new technologies in libraries?
How do these new social tools help us? How do they fit into the library landscape?

First, any technology planning must be grounded in the meeting the Mission of the Library. Ask yourself: Is using this hot new technology part of a bigger mission & vision? Does it fulfill a goal or objective? Is it the best solution? If so, go forth and plan, implement, review, evaluate and move on to the next innovation.

What follows, then, are twelve steps to optimizing technology in the library setting. I have been giving versions of this presentation since last fall in London and these tips resonate deeply with me.

#1: Control your Technolust

I love sexy technology. Give me an iPod, wifi finder, Treo, Airport express and a slick Powerbook and I'm a happy camper. But wanting tech for your library because it's so cool could lead to disaster. Ask: How does it fit into the plan or mission? If it fits, implement!

Understand Techno-Divorce as well. Can we let go of dead technology or a failing service. We must if we are user-centered! Sometimes it's hgard for librarians to say "we failed" - when really we should say "We tried it and it didn't meet our standards of success" and cut the cord!

#2: Plan for your Users

I've sang this song before! So hgere's what Ken Weil had to say about serving his users at South Huntington PL:

"We want to provide another way for people to take out audio books that would be more convenient and in a timely fashion. And reduce costs. " Library Director Ken Weil South Huntington PL, NY - "the Shuffle Library"

#3: Do Your Research

Don't come to the planning meeting with just an opinion and a vague idea of the discussion: do your research! Try evidence-based decision making, which is collecting data, reserach, articles, proof if you will, which allows us to make better decisions and make better plans.

Resources abound: blogs, journals, talk to other librarians and ponder a field trip to a nearby library that has the service or technology you may be looking at.

#4: Focus on the ROI

What does the initiative ACTUALLY cost? Add together the cost of hardware, software and these "hidden" costs: training, staff time and promotion. Try some simple formulas adding costs, staff time costs, etc to see what a new service may truly cost.

#5: Manage projects well

Learn to have effective meetings try "Death by Meeting" Patrick M. Lencioni and try thses tips:

Establish a point person who's responsible - on The Apprentice, this is the Project Manager, and yes all eyes turn to this person if things go awry.

Keep in mind these key components of any library technology initiative:

These all need to be in place or your project may fail! What if just one fell through the cracks? Could IM reference survive if no one knew the service was available? Or if staff never logged in, would the service succeed?

Look for High Impact Projects:

Prioritize projects
Finish what you start
Plan for evaluation

Low Cost/High Impact

Add blogs externally and internally
Offer an IM reference service
Train your staff! (the return is priceless!)

#6: Use the proper tools

A Planner's Resource List:

Wired for the Future, Mayo & Nelson
New Planning for Results: A Streamlined Approach, Nelson (PLA)
OCLC Pattern Recognition

#7: Collaborate/Communicate

Get these folks together: Admin + IT + Librarians + Front Liners
All stakeholders must be involved
Use IM to communicate internally
Build a wiki for that BIG project

#8: Create Staff Buy-In

A few tips to generate staff buy-in:

Give them numbers, show them some stats about the project
Be transparent with the details as much as you can
Report & debrief the project via a blog or wiki
Offer training for staff first!

#9: Train Your Staff

Deliver training in person, online, off-site
Make it part of their development
Make it part of the culture
A well-trained staff can carry your message to your users

#10: Be Discoverable

Stephen Abram, from The Google Opportunity, LJ:

"Push content out: Use alerting services, blogs, and RSS feeds and aggregators. These tools are cheap and easy. Let's get more one-on-one with these services and delight our users as individuals and not just as market segments. While we're at it, make sure they know that it comes from their library."

Help your users find your stuff
Check your search rankings
Offer access via handhelds
Use RSS to offer feeds of content
Get out into the community

Place your content, resources and IM info on other local sites!

I also believe you need to get your staff into RSS. If they get it, it will help in educating the public. Then incorporate RSS into your public technology calsses, right?

Selling RSS to your Staff/Users:

Teach them about it
Promote your feeds
Use them yourself!
Be ready... it's going to be big

#11: Establish Your Presence

You are discoverable
You go where your users are
You utilize IM externally & internally
You share with flickr and other tools
Your Message is clear
The staff "gets it"

Some notes about Presence:

Presence: RSS
Feeds of new materials
Feeds of programming
Feeds from your library blogs

Presence: Web Site
Localized & User-centered
Have a marketing plan
Brand your services
Use blogs for various services
Aggregate content via RSS
Teach your staff and your patrons how it all works

Presence: Toolbar
Give users a downloadable toolbar

Presence: Ponder JYBE
Web plug in co-browsing


Choose what fits for you
Presence is not just for your library but you as a librarian too!

#12: Embrace Change & Learn

"We've always done it this way..." Maybe it's time to reconsider that.
"Never stop learning..." Oh yeah!
"Challenge yourself..." Indeed! Look for ways to expand your comfort level with technology: programming, setting up a blog or a wiki, creating a toolbar, learning to IM, etc.

Get away from the computer.
Just breathe.

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Here a Blog..there a Blog

I am so lovin this! Cool blogs that have appeared since the NEASIST program:

RSS4Lib: http://www322.pair.com/ginnblog/rss4lib/

Catablog: http://www.livejournal.com/users/catablog/

Check em out...

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May 03, 2005


Megan just started. I am connected on the podium (as is Jenny) - IM me, e-mail me, send me an SMS....

This is most cool.

NEASIST Flickr photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/neasist/
NEASIST blog http://www.metametadata.net/neasist/

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April 30, 2005

Testing NEASIST Tag


Just posted a pic with the tag NEASIST. Here's the URL for the feed for those that may wantb to subscribe for the next few days:


Here's the flickr page for the tag:


I configured flickr to take any image from my Treo and add the tag automatically.

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April 15, 2005

NE ASIS&T Flickr Account


Jenny, Megan Fox and I are speaking at the New England chapter of the American Society for Information Science and Technology in May. (I am a card-carrying member of that organization!)

The group organizing the day has set up a flickr account. Take a look. I think it will be most active on May 3rd and will be one of many tools the group uses to share what's happening at the presentations.

This really gets me going! I can't wait!

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