October 28, 2004

Michael Stephens, Brian Kelly and Frank Cervone, Presenters, "Optimising Technology in Libraries"


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October 27, 2004

London Gallery

Not only did I attend and speak at a great conference... I took 5 extra days and did some FUN tourism stuff...


Included is a trip to the London Brass Rubbing Centre and many views of St. Paul's Cathedral!

Best place for lunch? St. Martin's in the Fields Cafe in the Crypt... or Beetroot!

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October 22, 2004

ILI 2004 Presentations

Take a look..download!


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October 19, 2004

10 Things I Learned in London at Internet Librarian International


10 Things I Learned in London at Internet Librarian International

It's a sweet thing to drink breakfast tea in my room, lounging in my hotel dressing gown, reading the proceedings and planning for the day.

Technology training issues are the same for trainer/librarians everywhere - from issues about retention of material to support for training programs by administrators! Talking with Rob was illuminating and made me realize public librarians in the Netherlands are lucky to have him doing training!

According to Sullivan: personalization and "invisible tabs" may be the wave of the future for search engines...and after hearing Frank Cervone speak, we could say the same for library Web sites! Customization will rule!

FREE WiFi in the meeting rooms and conference areas is the way all library conferences should go!

Brian Kelly gets it! He encouraged folks to message each other with laptops or other devices and discuss our presentations while we were presenting!

Key words: convergence & collaboration! Presenting with Frank cervone and Brian Kelly was a joy! What inceredible fellows! Our panel was rather lively...with Brian playing the skeptic...

Receptions and lunches are the coolest times to chat with people: networking, marketing yourself and your library, exchanging knowledge... and at the reception you get good red wine too!

Even without PPT and notes, I still can mange to say something about technology and its place in libraries.

I've said it before, but if you can swing it, if you can afford it, send your librarians to meetings like this! Get them out and get them involved and listening. Time is short - what if the next cool thing comes from a group of librarians and not Google or MS?

No matter where we're from, we all speak the same language: libraries! In speaking, listening to others, chatting at breaks... it dawned on me: Problems I've encountered are the same for folks on the other side of the world. I spoke about surprise technology appearing on reference desks and the nods in the audience meant those folks had encountered it too!

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Blustery! but so beautiful


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ILI Snapshot

Photo by Rob Coers

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October 18, 2004

Back in the US!

I'm back! Actually I got back late Saturday but I spent all day yesterday finalizing my literature review for SLIS 6700. I turned it in last night at 8:37pm...

Much information to go through and post! But here's a pic by Rob, the Trainer from the Netherlands. I didn't even know he snapped it. I was Congrunting Danny Sullivan and smiling because of Sullivan's take on image searching. He's a great presenter!

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October 12, 2004

Practicing what I Preach

In my technology training workshop Sunday one of my points was that if you are doing a presentation you have to be ready to roll with any glitches that pop up.

Monday I got to practice what I preach. My CyberClinic was about new technologies in libraries and I created a small PPT to use. I copied it from my Mac to my JumpDrive and was good to go -- or so I thought....

In the room...with minutes before the start -- an maybe 40 folks waiting -- the PPT would not open! It would not open on another laptop as well! My Mac was in my hotel room so I had to go ahead and do it from my own storage drive -- my brain!

I had no notes because the PPT was my outline as well...so I did it. I spoke from my head! It went ok!!

Moral: always test your copied presentations when moving them with portable storage drives!!! Test them on the drives!!!

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Danny Sullivan's Keynote on Searching : An ILI Congrunt

Danny Sullivan
Web Search: A Look Ahead

It's no longer Google Google Google

Consolidation of Search Engines means a strong "search voice" - good for searchers

What will help an engine win the search wars?

Sullivan says it will be personalization and "invisible tabs" may be the way to win.

For example, entering "pictures of cats" in the search box yields pictures of cats in Yahoo and Ask Jeeves. Google offers a small link: "Looking for pictures? Try Images." Sullivan likened this to the search engine acting as a librarian by interacting with the searcher.

Search shortcuts also create sticky situations. Some folks get in a habit and always go to a certain site for a certain thing: "I always check the weather in Yahoo"

Personalization - like Eurekster - may work as well and may be pointing toward the future of personalized web search. Search memory on sites like A9 or Yahoo keeps track of the searches you've done.

Take a look at http://labs.google.com/personalized and http://www.snap.com/index.php

User Interface "Little Things"

Visual Searching (Grokker and Mooter)
Yahoo offering RSS

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Meeting Another Trainer

I posted the Stonehenge pics this weekend and I got a note from Rob Coers, an Internet trainer I've e-mailed with in the past besed in the Netherlands. He had just checked his RSS aggregator and saw my posts and realized I was in England for the conference and he was coming too!

Rob e-mailed me and said he'd look for me at the conference. We met and got to spend some time talking about training public librarians. He worked in a public library and then went out on his own to do training for librarians. How cool!

We went to dinner Monday night and discussed libraries, training librarians, blogs, RSS and the differences in our cultures.

Nice to meet you Rob!

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Conference Reception in the Conservatory


What a great way to end the first day of Internet Librarian International: a conference wide reception in the hotel's conservatory. I got to chat with folks from my workshop, conference goers from Lebanon, Japan, The Netherlands, the UK, etc.

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October 11, 2004

Conference Report: Workshop

I taught the half day workshop that Scott Brandt and I developed on Sunday morning for a small but most cool group of folks from Finland, South Africa, Japan and Greece!

We focused on 5 steps to make sure technology training works. The best part was the interaction with the group -- from questions to "this is how I do it" tales from particpants.

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October 09, 2004

One More...


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Greetings from Stonehenge!


We arrived at 11am Thursday morning after a most pleasnat trip over the Atlantic... why? because we upgraded to Business Class and could actually stretch out! Nice!

Friday was spent touring the Salisbury plain and Stonhenge...which was one of the places on my list of notable sites to see in my lifetime!

Now it's Saturday night-- today we visited the British Museum. I just saw some cool InfoToday folks in the lobby so things are about to start. I'm at Starbucks, connected to T-Mobile for a bit...

Here's the Stonehenge Gallery!

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October 04, 2004

An American Librarian in London

I depart late Wednesday night for London and the 2004 Internet Librarian International conference. Steve is going with me and we are staying 3 extra days to take in more of the sites. Adam, Steve and I were there in 2002 and I'm so excited to get back! Watch the blog for reports from the conference!

MS, Trafalgar Square, December 2002

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September 28, 2004

ILI Sessions

Here's a breakdown of sessions I'm involved in:

Workshop 2: Successful Technology Training
10:00 – 13:00
Michael Stephens, St. Joseph County Public Library (USA)

This energetic, fast-paced workshop teaches how to plan and implement successful technology training that is centered on the user and defined by user needs. Delegates will learn three methods to analyse and define users’ technology needs, a “sure fire” test to ensure measurable outcomes and objectives,
simplified task analysis for breaking learning down into steps, a toolbox of strategies to make technology learning fun and interesting, and two approaches to demonstrate and reinforce learning. With theory made practical, demonstrations of real world training and instruction, and in-class practice using these techniques, this workshop is fun and highly interactive.

Tuesday, 12 October
Track B — Optimising Technology in Libraries [Chalford/Dean Suite]
Moderator: Frank Cervone, Assistant University Librarian for Information Technology, Northwestern University (USA)

This track is a special 2-hour session featuring three technology gurus talking about how to plan for and put new technologies to work in your libraries. Listen in on their high energy wavelength as they wrap up with a stimulating panel discussion that challenges librarians to expand their horizons and take on new technology projects.

Sessions B201 & B202
Optimising Technology in Libraries


Libraries, Blogs & RSS
Frank Cervone, Assistant University Librarian for Information Technology, Northwestern University (USA)

Weblogs (blogs) are one of the hottest things on the web today, but what relevance do they have to libraries? A lot, according to Frank Cervone. Weblogs can help you learn about developments in any field, but they can also be used to reach out to patrons in new and exciting ways. Listen and learn how
new technologies, such as RSS, are used to provide new, exciting services and how they are being deployed in libraries today. You will also learn what blogs are, about blogging software, and how blogs can be used to provide more effective library services.

Beyond E-Mail! Wikis, Blogs and Social Networking Software
Brian Kelly, UK Web Focus, UKOLN (UK)

We know about using the web for publishing, but several recent innovations offer richer and more interactive ways to support communications and collaboration. For young people, communications tools such as instant messaging and mobile phone technologies are widely used and even replacing e-mail. Brian Kelly will discuss new collaborative technologies, such as wikis and blogs, and the emergence of social networking software. He will describe challenges and strategies for deploying these intriguing, new collaborative tools and show examples of how they are being used in libraries today.

Technology Planning for Libraries: Avoiding Technolust & Technobust
Michael Stephens, Technology Librarian, St. Joseph County Public Library (USA)

Deploying new technologies requires effective technology planning. How do we serve our users with innovative technology and still remain within our budgets? Michael Stephens discusses current hot technologies such as RFID, wifi, MP3s, DRM, federated searching and how they might fit into library technology plans. He will cover what to consider when planning new technology initiatives, including: cost, training, ROI, staffing, etc. Technolust (defined as wanting technology for the sake of technology) is a frequent pitfall for technology enthusiasts. Learn how to create a well-written technology plan that serves as a guide to help you avoid technobust!

Optimising Technology in Libraries (Panel Discussion)
Frank Cervone, Assistant University Librarian for Information Technology, Northwestern University (USA)
Brian Kelly, UK Web Focus, UKOLN (UK)
Michael Stephens, Technology Librarian, St. Joseph County Public Library (USA)

Join the three speakers in this special session for stimulating discussion of where technology for libraries is headed, which new developments they see as best bets for successful projects, and their tips on strategies, deployment, and technical problems.

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September 27, 2004

See You in the U.K.!

I can't believe I go to England NEXT WEEK!


Hope to see you there! I'm teaching a preconference and a couple of talks about technology and libraries...

More in a bit! (it's time for class chat!)

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