September 28, 2004

ILI Sessions

Here's a breakdown of sessions I'm involved in:

Workshop 2: Successful Technology Training
10:00 – 13:00
Michael Stephens, St. Joseph County Public Library (USA)

This energetic, fast-paced workshop teaches how to plan and implement successful technology training that is centered on the user and defined by user needs. Delegates will learn three methods to analyse and define users’ technology needs, a “sure fire” test to ensure measurable outcomes and objectives,
simplified task analysis for breaking learning down into steps, a toolbox of strategies to make technology learning fun and interesting, and two approaches to demonstrate and reinforce learning. With theory made practical, demonstrations of real world training and instruction, and in-class practice using these techniques, this workshop is fun and highly interactive.

Tuesday, 12 October
Track B — Optimising Technology in Libraries [Chalford/Dean Suite]
Moderator: Frank Cervone, Assistant University Librarian for Information Technology, Northwestern University (USA)

This track is a special 2-hour session featuring three technology gurus talking about how to plan for and put new technologies to work in your libraries. Listen in on their high energy wavelength as they wrap up with a stimulating panel discussion that challenges librarians to expand their horizons and take on new technology projects.

Sessions B201 & B202
Optimising Technology in Libraries


Libraries, Blogs & RSS
Frank Cervone, Assistant University Librarian for Information Technology, Northwestern University (USA)

Weblogs (blogs) are one of the hottest things on the web today, but what relevance do they have to libraries? A lot, according to Frank Cervone. Weblogs can help you learn about developments in any field, but they can also be used to reach out to patrons in new and exciting ways. Listen and learn how
new technologies, such as RSS, are used to provide new, exciting services and how they are being deployed in libraries today. You will also learn what blogs are, about blogging software, and how blogs can be used to provide more effective library services.

Beyond E-Mail! Wikis, Blogs and Social Networking Software
Brian Kelly, UK Web Focus, UKOLN (UK)

We know about using the web for publishing, but several recent innovations offer richer and more interactive ways to support communications and collaboration. For young people, communications tools such as instant messaging and mobile phone technologies are widely used and even replacing e-mail. Brian Kelly will discuss new collaborative technologies, such as wikis and blogs, and the emergence of social networking software. He will describe challenges and strategies for deploying these intriguing, new collaborative tools and show examples of how they are being used in libraries today.

Technology Planning for Libraries: Avoiding Technolust & Technobust
Michael Stephens, Technology Librarian, St. Joseph County Public Library (USA)

Deploying new technologies requires effective technology planning. How do we serve our users with innovative technology and still remain within our budgets? Michael Stephens discusses current hot technologies such as RFID, wifi, MP3s, DRM, federated searching and how they might fit into library technology plans. He will cover what to consider when planning new technology initiatives, including: cost, training, ROI, staffing, etc. Technolust (defined as wanting technology for the sake of technology) is a frequent pitfall for technology enthusiasts. Learn how to create a well-written technology plan that serves as a guide to help you avoid technobust!

Optimising Technology in Libraries (Panel Discussion)
Frank Cervone, Assistant University Librarian for Information Technology, Northwestern University (USA)
Brian Kelly, UK Web Focus, UKOLN (UK)
Michael Stephens, Technology Librarian, St. Joseph County Public Library (USA)

Join the three speakers in this special session for stimulating discussion of where technology for libraries is headed, which new developments they see as best bets for successful projects, and their tips on strategies, deployment, and technical problems.

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September 27, 2004

See You in the U.K.!

I can't believe I go to England NEXT WEEK!

Hope to see you there! I'm teaching a preconference and a couple of talks about technology and libraries...

More in a bit! (it's time for class chat!)

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September 26, 2004

Marketing the Librarian

Steven Cohen writes at

TTW gets a mention as do some great tips for marketing ourselves and the profession. Never miss a chance to tell someone what you do as a librarian!

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Check Out Technobiblio's New Look

Oh! Take a look...just got this in my aggregator:

Technobiblio has a new look! Read about the authors! Browse the categories!

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September 22, 2004

"I read your blog" or GRE Horrors

Bumped into a new SJCPL librarian outside the building this afternoon. He's starting the MLS program via IUPUI. We talked GRE, math horror stories and about the mysteries of UNIX.

He started the conversation with "Did you just take the GRE?" Mind racing I thought he'd been at the testing center or had seen me racing away from it after commiting to my scores (don't ask! -- i almost laughed out loud at some of the math parts).... "I read your blog" he said.


At least the GRE is over!

Now I am working on a big paper -- a literature review -- and preparing for Internet Librarian International in London! More in a bit...

More in a bit.

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September 20, 2004

Online Social Networks

Aaron and I will also be participating in the Online Social Networks Conference -- discussing blogs in libraries. Note that Howard Rheingold will be there. I've been reading his book on virtual communities for my big UNT class this semester!

From the site:

SN2004 will be a summit meeting where you will have a chance to hear from and interact with many of the pioneers in the field of online social networks as well as some of the current trendsetters now exploring the latest technologies and applications.

In 2001, the first Online Social Networks conference explored the emerging field of online social networks. Since then, there has been an explosion into the mainstream of online social networks. OSN2004 will explore three main areas:
Organizational OSNs
Personal OSNs
and Political OSNs.

Join Howard Rheingold, Lisa Kimball, Joi Ito, and a host of online social network experts to:

Exchange ideas with experienced pioneers and leading thinkers in OSN development
Gain insights in making better use of social capital, successful collaboration online, and efficient creation and management of knowledge capital
See where social software stands today and where it's going in the future
Make contact with leading solution providers

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Writing with Aaron / Dinner


Yesterday, Aaron of walkingpaper fame and his wife Kate drove over from Illinois. During the day, we worked on our blog article. We write well together and I'm pleased with our results.

We had dinner as well last night: Aaron, Kate, Steve, and I ...outside, with my two dogs and their sweet little Pug Mao cavorting about the yard.


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September 16, 2004

How I Spent My Summer Vacation with a Camera Phone

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Planning for a New Tech-based Service -- Try these

Library consultant Richard Dougherty detailed the five requirements of offering digital reference in the May 2002 issue of American Libraries. They include:

• Creating policy
• Acquiring the Technology
• Staffing
• Training staff
• Promotion

These five gems could be used as a guide for any technology planning in a library setting. You can't do one part and not do the other or you are setting up your new initiative or service to fail. No policies for that new service? An untrained, unfamiliar staff? No promotion? Forget about it!

(I know I posted before but it needs to be repeated!)

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PDFs are a distance ed student's best friend

I heart PDFs today!

I haven't written much about my studies lately because frankly that's what I have been doing! Currently I am doing literature reviews and amassing PDFs of articles like crazy via all of our access provided by the very cool UNT library as well as my own library and Indiana's INSPIRE.

I can print the PDFs, file them, send them to the cohort and turn them in with article critiques (like the one due tomorrow).

And get this, I did an ILL for an article and it showed up in my e-mail box as a PDF today! NICE!

Just FYI, my current interests and research:

Virtual communities

Public library building and design


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All the Cool Kids Have One!


That's what I said to the T-Mobile rep on the phone yesterday... I'm taking the plunge... I've read there should be no problem with the treo and my Mac...we shall see...

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September 14, 2004

Why iTunes Music Store RSS Feeds Rock my World


I like Tuesdays. It's the day the new music hits the stores and ITMS. Today, I had 100 new posts inside my Itunes RSS folder in net News Wire. It takes just a couple of minutes to scan through them. I found some gems!

Enjoy the Silence - SingleA Depeche Mode "reinterpretation" of "Enjoy the Silence"

Live By RequestA new Blondie release from their Live by Request concert

Coolness! I like the New releases or Just Added choices. I can customize a feed and sit back and know I won't miss Part II of the
Selections from Live in Boston, Vol. 1 - EPFleetwood Mac Live in Boston EP
I'm waiting for!

The ITMS RSS Generator is here.

The Link maker is here!

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South Bend Airport to get WiFi

CJ at technobiblio shared this link with me via IM this am:


  • Add another airport to the ever-growing list of those with Wi-Fi access. Opti-Fi Networks says it will launch wireless service at the South Bend Regional Airport in north central Indiana. 2.5 million people pass through it each year. -- September 13, 2004 "

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  • September 13, 2004

    SJCPL Goes Live with IM Reference

    Take a look:

    The site instructs our patrons :

    Ask a question via a live chat session Monday through Saturday during the Main Library hours of operation. We have user names for AIM, Yahoo! and MSN Messenger. A professional librarian will gladly help you find the information you seek, be it in print or online.

    For AIM, our screen name at SJCPL is asksjcpl.

    For Yahoo!, our screen name at SJCPL is asksjcpl.

    For MSN, our screen name at SJCPL is

    I am very happy our reference staff has jumped on the IM thing!!!

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    I'm off to take the GRE!

    One of the reuirements of my program is having GRE scores. I took it last in a steaming hot room at IU Bloomington in Summer 1986. I'm off to the Test center now for a four hour computer-based test.

    I hate math!

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    September 09, 2004

    Video Chat... In my Robe


    Will the next big wave of video chat for online collaboration result in folks like me paying more attention to their dress when connected? Here I am after a long soak, in my robe and chatting with Bob and Jude who were still at work at IUSB!

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    September 08, 2004

    Information Cascade

    Steven mentions the information cacscade. I wrote about it here... I do believe there are cascades in the world of LIS!

    I've been thinking a lot these days about technology planning -- for last week's retreat at SJCPL, for articles, etc. I do see how an info cacscade might affect a library as it plans new technology. Cool stuff to ponder...

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    September 02, 2004

    @ SJCPL Planning Retreat

    For the next 36 hours I will be at the SJCPL Long Range Planning Retreat at the Oakwood Retreat Center. The Center has WiFi!

    More later!

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