July 31, 2004

More WiFi Press!


And Bob is in the picture!

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July 25, 2004

South Bend Tribune covers Local WiFi

On Saturday, we had a FRONT PAGE article on WiFi!

Link good for only seven days or by paying!

Offering 'Wi-Fi'
Wireless Internet can be accessed for free at local libraries and businesses

Tribune Staff Writer

ON SCREEN: Stephen Taig, of Elkhart, works on his laptop computer last week at Panera Bread in Mishawaka. The restaurant offers free high-speed wireless Internet access to customers and loans out wireless cards.

SOUTH BEND -- Free high-speed wireless Internet access is spreading among area public libraries and businesses.

Known as Wi-Fi -- short for Wireless Fidelity -- it provides computer users a convenient, fast Internet connection.

Anyone with a wireless-equipped laptop computer or a personal desk assistant (such as a Palm Pilot) can now access the wireless Internet for free at any St. Joseph County Public Library location.

Some county library sites have offered wireless service for several years, but the bring-your-own-computer service debuted this month at the library in downtown South Bend and all eight branches.

"It's here, it's free and you don't have to sign up to use it," said Bob Lewandowski, a county library technology trainer.

(Well done Bob!)

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Open Up that Golden Gate! Steven Cohen's post...

Steven notes his planning and talks at Internet Librarian 2004. Take a look...


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July 24, 2004

iChat Meeting with Aaron

Aaron and I are writing and article AND presenting at Internet Librarian -- so yeaterday we met for almost an hour via iChat on our Macs! Face to face and with audio...nice!


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July 23, 2004

Technology Training Tribunal

Join 4 Technology Trainers at Internet Librarian 2004 -- Sunday November 15th after the preconferences. We'll be hosting a Community of Interest networking session... if you train in a library setting and want to chat and ask questions or give answers -- we'll see you there.

Scheduled to lead the discussion/be on hand to chat:

Robert Lewandowski - St. Joseph County Public Library Technology Trainer
Michael Porter - LibraryMan Blog
Aaron Schmidt - walkingpaper & Thomas Ford Memorial Library
Michael Stephens - TTW Blog, SJCPL & member of the UNT IMLS PhD program

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Come to Monterey for a great time!

I'll be there! I'm participating in a few sessions about training and blogging AND IM!!!! Hope to see you there!

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SJCPL Offers WiFi at all locations

I am proud to say that during my leave, the good IT folks at my library finished making the whole library system wifi compatible!

Read about it here:


This morning, I'm IMing with SJCPL staffer Sean who said this week on his floor -- the magazine/fiction area --he saw a Powerbook user, a windows PC person doing homework AND a Palm user checking movie descriptions to find soimething in our AV department.

Welcome one and all to the Wireless World!

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July 20, 2004

AirTunes Screenshot


Hot Darn! This is the coolest AND this is the future folks....

Ponder this: how will the fact that I can stream MP3 and AAC to my stereo from my Mac impact libraries and their collections?

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Airtunes in My House


I got back from Traverse City today because of a family reunion this weekend. Waiting for me was the new Apple Airport Express with AirTunes cables! It took about 10 minutes to install the little transmitter/receiver, load software and plug a digital cable into my Sony receiver. PRESTO. Streaming tunes from my G5 to the entertainment center! EXCELLENT sound as well with an Apple/Monster Cable digital optical input!

Thanks Apple!

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July 06, 2004

Technology Planning Article

I'm working on a second dratft of an article on technology planning... I need YOUR HELP! Have you been successful with the art of the tech plan? Have you crashed and burned and don't mind telling me about it?

E-mail me and let's talk!

mstephens7 (at) mac.com

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Update: Summer Hiatus

I should have posted last week but travel to ALA and then zipping right up to Traverse City wore me out. I'm deep in statisctics and two other course via the Web for UNT so I'm taking a few days to focus on school. The readings have been fascinating so far: histories of info science, examinations of cryptography, etc. Stats... uhhh, don't ask!

Look for me in a few days!

Rock On!

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New Generation of Librarians

Allow me to say:

Hey Steven! You Rock!!

Read about it here...

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July 02, 2004

Buildings and the Future

Rachel turned me on to this:


Right now I'm working on solidifying my research interests for UNT... I've been taken lately with libraries as physical, technological spaces... hmmmmm...

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