September 15, 2005

Workshops at Internet Librarian 2005

Internet Librarian 2005 Monterey California

Organizational Weblogs: Opportunities, Strategies, Tools
1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Darlene Fichter, Data Library Coordinator, University of Saskatchewan
Michael Stephens, Technology Librarian, St. Joseph County Public Library

Many libraries are experimenting with Weblogs for marketing, staff development, knowledge sharing, and news. Hear about some of the ways Weblogs have benefited large and small libraries. Learn about Weblog software choices and features to look for when choosing blogging software. Discuss features such as RSS syndication, comments, permalinks, and editorial roles. Pick up some practical do's and don'ts of blog publishing. Keep on top of this new software and its applications by listening to our experts who share real-world case studies. Stay ahead of your users who are creating Weblogs at a furious pace and consider how your library can offer better services to Webloggers in the community who want to link and comment on information in library's storehouses of licensed content.

Technology Planning for Libraries: Avoiding Technolust & Technobust
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Michael Stephens, Technology Librarian, St. Joseph County Public Library
Aaron Schmidt, Reference Librarian, Thomas Ford Memorial Library

Deploying new technologies requires effective technology planning. How do we serve our users with innovative technology and still remain within our budgets? Michael Stephens and Aaron Schmidt discuss current hot technologies such as RFID, WiFi, MP3, DRM, and federated searching and how these technologies might fit into library technology plans. He covers what to consider when planning new technology initiatives, including cost, training, ROI, staffing, etc. Technolust (defined as wanting technology for the sake of technology) is a frequent pitfall for technology enthusiasts. Learn how to create a well-written technology plan that serves as a guide to help you avoid technobust!

Teaching the Internet
1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
D. Scott Brandt, Purdue University Libraries
Michael Stephens, Technology Librarian, St. Joseph County Public Library

It's 2005 ... do you know where your staff and patrons are? No doubt immersed in technologies like blogs and wireless! And no doubt you could use some help sharpening your knowledge in tech areas, and enhancing your skills in teaching them. That's why two savvy and experienced technology trainers bring you the latest in techy skills! New content covers blogs, cookies, e-books, firewalls, iPods, messaging, metadata, mobile devices, podcasts, RSS, search engines, spoofs & spyware, and wireless. A new format presents mini-training sessions covering each topic! New techniques offer more exercises and evaluations for students, with new take-aways! Is it possible for Stephens and Brandt to be even more energized about teaching the Internet in 2005? Come find out! Can you keep up? All are invited: The objective is to teach trainers how to teach these topics, but non-trainers are invited to attend to learn as well.

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