March 16, 2005

3 Classes I Wish I Could Teach At My Library (But Canít):

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Classes I Wish I Could Teach At My Library (But Canít):

Music for the Masses: This workshop will teach partipants how to mount their entire music collections for sharing on the Peer to Peer networks. Best practices, innovative tips and legal advice if you're busted round out a dynamic two hours in the library training room. Requirements: 1 Terrabyte firewire Hard Drive and a $200 legal retainer fee.

Camcorder Cinema 101: Join us for a field trip to a showing of Return of the Sith! We'll provide a sheet of handy tips on making the best recording, the bus, popcorn, beverages and a ticket. Requirements: blank tapes, the coat with the big hidden pocket, a $200 legal retainer fee.

Hooked Up on the Web: The ins and out of the dating sites and those Web sites that specialize in "Ordering In." We'll cover the lingo, precautions and how not to get burned. Requirements: Face pic before private chat.

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