February 22, 2005

Reinventing Libraries: Purpose, Patrons, People and Processes

Announcing the INCOLSA Management Institute Spring 2005 offering

Reinventing Libraries: Purpose, Patrons, People and Processes
Redesigning Libraries for a Changing Set of Realities
Wednesday, April 6, 2005 - Indiana Wesleyan University Kokomo
Wednesday, May 11, 2005 - Indiana Wesleyan University Kokomo
Wednesday, June 6, 2005  - Indiana Wesleyan University Kokomo

INCOLSA is pleased and very excited to announce this 3-part series of 1-day stand-alone workshops based on emerging data from a series of research projects by OCLC and others on how the landscape for libraries is changing. The workshop presenters examine in a highly experiential way some approaches libraries can use to collaboratively design their organizations to be increasingly relevant to the changing realities in their communities and their staffs. Each session will examine an aspect of the puzzle. While it is highly recommended that participants attend all three sessions to get the maximum value, each session is a stand-alone independent program.

If you are a library director or department head concerned about where you will be taking your library or department in the next 3 to 5 years, this series is an absolute must for you to attend. You can continue with your "by guess and by golly" approach if you want, or can you can begin to get a handle on things and come to terms with your future. The librarianship we practice today is not static and, while there are no crystal balls to be had, this series of workshops will help you  become more knowledgeable and confident of where we are going in the future in terms of professional and patron services.

Sharon Wiseman (Former Associate Director for Library Development at the Indiana State Library, co-designer of LEAD-IN, and currently Director of Staff Development for the Chicago Public Library)

Dan Wiseman (Co-Designer/Presenter of LEAD-IN, former senior consultant at the American Productivity and Quality Center, library leadership consultant)

 Michael Stephens (Special Projects Librarian for the St. Joseph County (Indiana) Public Library-one of America’s best, currently in the IMLS Distance Library Cohort Ph.D. program at the University of North Texas and blogger for Tame the Web: Technology & Libraries).

For more information: INCOLSA Web Site

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