March 05, 2005

CIL Workshop: Toolbox of Techniques for Teaching Technology to Adult Learners

Toolbox of Techniques for Teaching Technology to Adult Learners
Tuesday March 15th 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Scott Brandt, Technology Training Librarian, Purdue University
Michael Stephens, Technology Librarian, St. Joseph County Public Library

This workshop provides practical strategies and techniques to help your patrons (or staff, and even students!) learn what you want them to learn. It focuses on recognizing adult learning motivations and styles/preferences to connect and make technology-related learning stick. The first half emphasizes the importance of the learner and how to get their attention to make learning relevant and satisfactory. The second half opens three toolboxes of practical tools to address how to develop instruction, tips for handling issues and problems that come up in class, and step-by-step examples for teaching technology. Presenters use humor to focus on tips, strategies, shortcuts, tricks, and useful approaches that are based on sound principles. Join them as they review adult learning principles and their practical applications, discuss learning styles/preferences and how to respond to them, identify the five basic learning scenarios and how to address them, and practice alternative teaching styles and how/when to use them. Take away:

•Toolbox #1: Building courses, lesson plans, and learning outcomes
•Toolbox #2: Applying techniques/strategies for classroom teaching
•Toolbox #3: Techniques for teaching specific technologies

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