January 21, 2005

Is Virtual Reference User Centered?

Aaron, who also made this Winter's NetConnect with a most cool TOP TEN, posts a most thoughtful bit about his thoughts on the state of VR in libraries.


Virtual Reference is not user-centric, he writes. Expecting people to enter into and operate in a little world that vendors have created is a bit naive. VR systems clearly were built with librarian in mind. The benefits awarded librarians vs. patrons illustrates this.

Yes. I agree. Who were we planning for when so many libraries jumped on to the RMS Virtual Reference as it sailed toward greatness only to encounter a few icebergs -- software glitches, low statistics and not a lot of interest from staff or patrons.

Read Aaron. And hey -- Aaron and I will be leading a half day Technology Planning Workshop at the 20th Annual Computers in Libraries 2005 Conference in good ole Washington DC in March. Come join us!

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