January 14, 2005

Comment from Information Wants to Be Free - Tech Planning


There are libraries that are completely adverse to change and to technology, and there are libraries that are so tech-forward that they pass their patrons by. Neither of these approaches is a good idea. Ask your patrons what they want; what they’d like to see at the library. Base your decisions about what technologies to implement on where your patrons are (and where your staff is) – not on what looks cool. Not every library should be implementing the same sort of technologies. It all should be based on your population’s needs.

What a concise, eloquent statement. That's what inspired my article about technolust for LJ -- Success stories from libraries who planned tech around patron use, and some "it didn't work the way we planned" stories from librarians who dove into technology without the appropriate planning.

Posted by Michael at January 14, 2005 07:53 AM