November 06, 2004

Any libraries using iTunes & iPods?

I got this neat e-mail yesterday:

Do you know of any public library, or other kind of library, that is running iTunes on a server and allows patrons to listen via a public access computer?  Our Library is looking at possibly providing this service but I have not found any site that is talking about it.

Thanks for your help!

I love this idea! iTunes has the capability nthrough Rendezvous to access a library on another Mac on the network and stream the songs for listening. At my desk at SJCPL on any given day I see other folks libraries: Adam, Kris, Nancy, Mike, Marianne, Joe, etc as well as my own library. There is no copying or "stealing" of the digital files -- just listening!

Patron applications abound.... could a public library make their public use computers into listening stations as well by streaming a huge iTunes library out to them and some headphones? What's the DRM implications here? I don't think there would be if the music on the master iTunes machine was ripped and then shelved as an archive.

If anyone is doing this or has comments... e-mail me! (any libraries circulating iPods yet???)

Posted by Michael at November 6, 2004 09:51 AM