May 24, 2004

I've Got GMail!

Within an hour of my posts about wanting a gmail address.... I had two replies!

Jeff Godin, library IT guy, from -- guess where -- TRAVERSE CITY IMed me! Thanks so much Jeff! Our deal? When I'm in TC I'll buy him a coffee and will talk library tech for a bit! Coolness! Jeff also gave me my invitation to Orkut back a few months ago and started a library community there.

I am now available at tametheweb (at) gmail (dot) com

Then I got an e-mail from Susan Vaughn at the Suffolk University Law Library. We chatted via e-mail and worked out a deal so my department at SJCPL can have an address for learning/training/etc. "I would like to donate it in a good cause (although the all you can drink Guinness on gmailswap is very tempting)," she told me....

Thanks to two kind library folk!

Posted by Michael at May 24, 2004 09:01 AM
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