March 26, 2004


I got to spend time with Aaron of fame. I've been a fan of Mao for a long time. We discovered a mutual enjoyment of good tea and healthy breakfasts so three days of CIL we met early and went to Teaism...which is just down the hill from the Hilton.

Aaron works at Thomas Ford Memorial Library as all around Tech Librarian guy (he did their web site as a series of blogs) and as I type this he is roving the stacks with a wireless enabled laptop. Purely, in my mind, the definition of the Untethered Tech Info Literate Library type if there ever was one...

Back to CIL though, I was always a minute or two behind so he was always waiting at the bottom of the escalator on the lower level, Treo 600 in hand.... I kid you not: same place, same stance...every morning:

Aaron really helped me through the big blog crash of March 10, 2004. He got me going here on Movable Type and helped make this version of TTW what you see Thanks Aaron!

Posted by Michael at March 26, 2004 01:25 PM
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