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Discovery in the Walls!

Posted by on Jul 30 2004 | Building 50: Northern Michigan State Hospital

Heidi and I were walking through the third floor and she caught out of the corner of her eye some newsprint in a hole in the wall of a long column. Within minutes we were making the hole a bit bigger and pulling out newspaper, magazines and comics — some tied with twine, others wrapped in cotton socks — from the 1950s placed there back then by possibly a patient. It was incredible!!

Here’s a gallery:

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And the Days Go By

Posted by on Jul 29 2004 | TC Journal Summer 2004

I just wrote this as a reply to my dear friend Linda when she asked about how the summer has been for me doing my studies in Traverse City:

The days are so sweet up here… I get up early, walk and feed the boys, drink tea and read fiction for about an hour and then drive into Traverse City to connect and do schoolwork. I may have lunch in town or I’ll go back and have a salad or wrap on the deck. I do more school and read a bit and then the evening just creeps on in…. possibly a camp fire or a book on tape…

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Deck is Finished… and Septic Holding Tanks In!

Posted by on Jul 29 2004 | This Old Cottage: Before & After

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Canteen & Chapel Visit

Posted by on Jul 23 2004 | Building 50: Northern Michigan State Hospital

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Painting! Deck Repairs!

Posted by on Jul 20 2004 | This Old Cottage: Before & After

Work has begun!! Greg was up and he painted the whole place and began the deck repairs that are so badly needed. We also ordered new windows and a door!



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10 More TC Things that Make Three Weeks Up North PARADISE

Posted by on Jul 20 2004 | TC Journal Summer 2004

Good friends in TC… you know who you are!

My favorite places to eat: 310, The Dish, Amical, Another Cuppa Joe, The Omelette Shoppe, and The Fusion!

Days that stretch out before me: yes, schoolwork must be done but still time to read in the morning, walk around Building 50 in the late afternoon and float on the lake when it is hot.

2 Labradors who run and jump and circle me as I hike the Boardman River trail… the same ones who dive into the muck and come out looking like black labs!

Northern Express and the Record Eagle

Putt Putting around Spider Lake as the sun is going down with 4 guys and two dogs. So beautiful!

Strolling around Building 50 with Heidi and talking about anything and everything — and feeling like a detective in the old chapel!

My favorite places to hang out: Horizon Books, Another Cuppa Joe & Beaners. Last time I stepped in, the cool Beaners guy knew I was having a “trente iced tea with lemon” before I said a word!

The view from my chair by the lake.

Mr. Kelly and Scotty who always bring the boys a bone on their walks around Balsam Circle.

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10 Traverse City Things that Rock My World

Posted by on Jul 08 2004 | TC Journal Summer 2004

Tomato Basil soup and super great food at Another Cuppa Joe on a chilly day!

Sitting in the Adirondack chairs with friends watching the light change over Spider Lake.

Beaner’s wifi access and their friendly staff.

Rolling hills on the Peninsula leading to the Big Lake

Children’s books about the Legend of the Sleeping Bear that make me weep in the Horizon Books downtown (yes, like a baby..that story gets me!)

Wearing flip flops everywhere

The cool neighbors on Balsam Circle that say hi, bring the dogs bones and look out for each other.

Building 50…improving and changing everytime I visit.

Peegeo’s for pizza on a chilly night

Gin and Tonic by the fire….

(hmmm..can you tell it’s been unseasonably cold…many entries are about staying warm!)

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Labs Up North July 2004

Posted by on Jul 08 2004 | TC Journal Summer 2004

Jake and charlie have been having fun — and getting in some trouble! Twice we have found the garbage turned over. Who could it be? Jake? Charlie? Hard to tell and all I see when I ask them is angelic faces and sideways glances.

Here’s a Gallery:

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Fourth of July Weekend

Posted by on Jul 08 2004 | TC Journal Summer 2004

Friday: Bruce joined us and we did a daytrip to Benzie County, including Pt. Betsie and Crytal lake. Dinner was at the GREAT new place called The Fusion, an Asian themed place in downtown Frankfort that rocks!!! They serve an incredible no-carb Creme Brulee, made with my favorite chemical Splenda!

Saturday: Valerie and Jeremy arrived late Friday, so Saturday we spent a lazy morning then an afternoon far from the crowds of the Cherry festival out on Old Mission, sampling wine, hiking with the boys and enjoying the views of the distant air show. Nice time!

Sunday: Rainy and a bit cold….but a fun day nonetheless spent running around and sightseeing!

Monday: Back to the Peninsula, the town of Leland and Benzie County! Dinner at the Fusion AGAIN because it’s just so good!!! Jeremy had the tour of Asia — which Steve and Bruce tried on friday. It was incredible!

Here’s a Gallery:

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Jake and Michael

Posted by on Jul 02 2004 | TC Journal Summer 2004

What fun yesterday was! After a few hours of school, we loaded up the boys for a hike and a trip to the Old Mission Lighthouse. They were well-behaved. Here’s Jake and I …. he’s relaxing in the sand!mjakeoldmiss.jpg

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DROOL DOG: Charlie Bone

Posted by on Jul 02 2004 | TC Journal Summer 2004


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With the Boys on Old Mission

Posted by on Jul 02 2004 | TC Journal Summer 2004


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