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Labor Day 2003 in TC with Friends

Posted by on Sep 09 2003 | TC Journal Summer 2003

The last full week Up North…We are here…. already in relaxation mode and leaving SB behind. Tonite: Dinner at Firefly Cafe with Julie, John and Bruce.


Dinner was incredible. Good food…. great atmosphere…

Next day:

Julie, John, Steve and I spent a wonderful day driving around the Leelanau Peninsula. We spent time at the Grand Traverse Lighthouse , Leland and had lunch at Kejara’s Bridge in Lake Leelanau. (Excellent food…excellent service..don’t miss it)..

Julie, Steve and I took turns shooting pictures and video with my Sony cameras. What didn’t get caught on film was my graceful slide off of a rock and into the shallow, scraping my arm…

Around Grand Traverse Labor Day 2003

A very nice ranger at the Lighthouse did some first aid…and we rolled on.

Labor Day:

Labor Day was very cool for me. I had a whole handful of people who are near and dear to me with me in TC for the long weekend. We hiked on the Old Mission, drove around Leelanau, had dinner out and sat around the fire ring… it was a perfect “Up North” time and really the final chapter for Summer 2003. (the short trip in September turned out to be the last “cottage time” in TC until next year … I guess that would be an epilogue to extend the “book” metaphor.) Thanks everyone!

Around Grand Traverse Labor Day 2003

Front Row: John, Julie, Valerie, Steve, Jake
Back Row Jeremy, Adam, Michael

(photographed at Chateau Grand Traverse)


Is there anyhting better than walking and chatting with a hound and a friend?

Around Grand Traverse Labor Day 2003

Michael, Valerie & Jake


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