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TC Retreat, Just Jake and I

Posted by on Jun 29 2003 | TC Journal Summer 2003

Jake and I are on retreat in TC. We got up here last night…as the sun was still slightly in the sky at 10pm! The lake looked beautiful… Happy Solstice to all who celebrate it.

Today: tea and the last 100 pages of Running with Scissors (yes, Augusten , I was fascinated by Mary Richards’ disdain for that package of steak as well…), a sushi lunch at 310, part of the TCWF network where I’m blogging now and an afternoon with jake at the lake. Tonight: dinner out with friends.


I had a BRILLIANT time…. very relaxing. I read, listened and wrote…. cleaned the cottage in preparation for our big trip next week….

I met a dog named Cooper today. Sweet puppy.

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