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Birthday in TC

Posted by on May 24 2003 | TC Journal Summer 2003

The rain went away and the sun came out! I felt like we were chasing Spring because everything was a few weeks behind Up North: trees had fewer leaves, bushes and other foliage were not as filled out and there was still a little chill in the air.

A wonderful Birthday dinner at Amical Saturday night with the TC fellas.

Got a lot of work done around the cottage as well…

Here’s Jake and I after a day of work! (click the pic!)

(a note from 2004: This picture has become one of my all time favorites. It captures a perfect moment at the cottage. Dear Old Jake…)

More later…back to work now….

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Heading North!

Posted by on May 09 2003 | TC Journal Summer 2003

Opening the Cottage for the Summer…. looking forward to returning to TC

Steve and I are heading North Friday late afternoon to open the cottage and get ready for the summer. I have a little place on Spider Lake , just outside Traverse City, MI (Look at this too . My friend Greg is going too — to install a water heater for me and to hang out. He’s going to paint the place sometime this summer… I’ll post pics when it’s painted.

My mother and father bought the cottage — last year officially named “Silver Springs” after yet another favorite song — in 1990. They actually rented it back in the 50s and 60s..and then had the opportunity to buy when Dad retired. It is tiny but is filled with good memories of my parents and the friends that have visited up there. 

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