Harry Potter & the Public Library's Blog

SJCPL has received our shipment of the new Harry Potter title (read all the LIS news here! ). Joe our Head of Collection Development posted to the SJCPL Book Blog yesterday. This to me is a perfect example of the timeliness of the Public library Weblog. Before, Joe might think "Wow, I'd like to put a pic of all those Harry Potter boxes up on the library's Web site..." He might call the Web developer or one of the IT people. A photo might be taken...hopefully with the digital camera.... That bit might not even get up on the site until a few days later. Now, Joe can run to his Mac, fire up iBlog and make a blog post pretty darn quick. I ran over with the NRDT Sony digital camera and snapped the pics and fired them off to him via iPhoto and the Apple Mail app...

If this works out -- this blog experiment at SJCPL -- I'm all for utilizing blogs wherever they can make generating content easier!

Posted: Wed - June 25, 2003 at 06:21 PM