Kendallville PL Staff In-Service Day Program

Friday, I was scheduled to do a half day session in Kendallville, IN for the library staff's in-service day. The topic was Reference Services in the 21st Century It was great fun! There were probably 15 staff attending and we had some pretty cool conversation about reference services, library users, and the philosophies of librarianship. I told them I always learned from groups I speak to and it held true: I learned that their staff is a pretty cohesive unit that sees the big picture -- serving patrons. One person said she has no problem asking for help from someone else if she just can't find the answer.

They are also looking to the future and the asked me what I saw as the most important things to incorporate in a new building project. My take: wireless , coffee and the idea that the library is a place to meet and greet. ("Library as destination"- something SJCPL PR Person Lissa Krull has turned me on to)

I spent almost 4 hours with them, going through a dense PPT and leading discussions ranging from how we answer the phone to what we wear as well as how technology has changed what we do in the library world.

Posted: Fri - August 22, 2003 at 06:28 PM