I've answered two Reference Questions at Panera Bread

I blog and catch up on reading and e-mail at Panera Bread most mornings and on weekends when I'm not in Traverse City. Twice this week I've helped people with informatiopn needs, albeit by eavesdropping for one and by being friendly for the other.

I was writing and a crowd next to me was discussing Haggis... turns out one of them wanted to name their new dog after the Scottish dish... (Haggis...come here boy...Haggis...)

"How do you spell that?" one says... (I click in my Google search box in Safari)

"H-A-G-U-S?" one replies... ( I type Hagges as a guess and hit return)

"H-A-G-G-E-S" (I find the correct spelling in google and a few recipes... )

I grab the PowerBook and approach the table:

"I didn't mean to eavesdrop but...." They were tickled!!!

"I'm a librarian,"I said. "I hear a question like that and I just have to help find the answer...."

I LOVE to tell people I'm a librarian because I like to surprise them.... The long-haired guy in flip flops? a Librarian? Yup....

Maybe an alternate name for this blog might be The Long Haired Librarian

The other question was for directions to Verizon music center in Indianapolis. One of the ladies that give me my tea in the morning asked me for help because she knew "I got on the Internet"

What does this mean? I think it means we should take every chance we get to promote the profession...to let people know that we can assist with finding stuff and teach them to find stuff.... It also says people's information needs are not just contained in libraries or at home in front of computers.... the counter lady...a table full of people.... If WiFi flies and we all have laptops or hand devices to access the Web, maybe online services like our InfoLive will help people with their questions wherever they are.

Posted: Mon - July 21, 2003 at 06:30 PM