End of the Semester!

My section of L401 (Computer Based Information Tools) has come to an end!

Las night was our last meeting in my section of L401. L401 is the Technology/Information Literacy requirement for new SLIS students at IU. I have been teaching/lab instructing since Spring 1997 -- and I LOVE IT! This semester I had a great group of 11 -- all were interested in libraries and either worked in schools, libraries or were moving into the LS program. This semester the class was different. Instead of weekly assignments on topics like UNIX, Word, PPT, Web searching, etc we had 4 giant assignments due at the end as an electronic portfolio. I am very proud of my class for doing so well on all of their projects!

My favorite part of the class this year was our discussions about various topics: filtering in libraries, training in library settings, blogging, RSS, my experiences at CIL 2003, library staffing, new services, old services that might be past their prime, etc.

Thanks to all of you for a great semester!


Posted: Thu - May 1, 2003 at 06:36 PM