Visiting UM Ann Arbor for Exposition (Updated)

How cool is this? Our administration at SJCPL asked me to go along on a trip to Ann Arbor, MI this Thursday for the SI ExpoSItion ! I'll be joining our Human Resources person and the Head of our Marketing department.

The students' projects look incredible. This will truly be a way to see what entry-level Masters degree graduates are capable of. The new skillsets of recent grads are incredible: complex web design with a background in info architecture, examining user data and creating models for better service, etc etc... We need people like this in our libraries! What a dynamic program!

Look at this:

Update: Schedules have collided and I cannot attend! I wish all the students participating the best with their exhibits! Take a look at the links...there is some dynamic work being done up there (ok...MI is up there from me here in Indiana, it may not be for you!)

Posted: Wed - February 11, 2004 at 02:02 PM