Kalamazoo PL Field Trip: Circulating MP3 Players!

SJCPL AV Librarian Julie Hill and I visited the Audio-Visual area of KPL to investigate their circulating MP3 technology. Lisa Irwin, Library Associate with Loan Services, met with us to discuss Audio-Visual services and to give us a tour of the library.

MP3 Players

KPL received a grant to initiate this new technology. Director Saul Amdursky instructed Lisa to implement a collection. The library contracted with Audible.com to purchase 20 Diamond Rio MP3 players with 64 MB of built-in memory. The library would also purchase $6,000 of downloaded MP3 book titles over the next year.
Here are some interesting facts we gathered in interviewing Lisa and having her show us the procedures:
-MP3 players only available at the Main library
-Check out of players in AV department ONLY
-Credit card imprint is taken at check out; credit card slips are filled out in advance then card is swiped with manual credit card imprint machine
-Audible.com has switched to Otis brand players and the Apple iPod
-Equipment checked out include:
-Diamond Rio player
-Cassette adapter
-Carrying case
-Instruction book (created by KPL)
-Extra batteries

-Hygiene issues are addressed with ear bud pads that are replaced after each circulation
-Lisa also suggested that anti-bacterial wipes could be included
-Lisa reminded us of the expenses of batteries (many) and replacement headphones

Lisa stressed the importance of a marketing plan to promote the service at rollout. KPL’s publicity included:
-Focus groups of audio book listeners
-Direct mailings to audio book listeners
-Newspaper articles/coverage
-Website coverage

-Patron selects desired titles from a print list or off the department’s webpage
-Library staff downloads the title while the patron waits
-During downloading, library staff fills out required paperwork
-Overall this transaction can take up 10-15 minutes of dedicated staff time

-Staff was encouraged to take the players home and try them out after intensive training sessions
-Staff needs to know how to troubleshoot the devices
-Lisa said to expect phone calls and in person requests for troubleshooting

Lisa took us around the library and introduced us to other staff and interesting services. Thanks Lisa for a great afternoon!!

Posted: Mon - August 11, 2003 at 06:39 PM