Tuesday's Keynote! Top Tech Trends for Internet Librarians

This was definitely the "fire Mike up" moment of the conference!

Top Tech Trends for Internet Librarians

Elizabeth Lane Lawley , Rochester Institute of Technology;
Rich Wiggins , Michigan State University;
Stephen Abram , Micromedia ProQuest


Nothing is really new
XML is now commonplace - yet we still cannot tell when pages are updated
Wifi & RFID is HOT
Displays and broadband access will grow


Stephen Abram’s Top 5 Tech Trends
Workflow integration
Massive archives
Nomadic use and access
Learning on the run
Visual display (learning)

Lawley (who uses a MAC!!!!!)

How many of you have your laptops with you and are taking notes?

Microcontent aggregators will be big

Trendspotting PPT at http://www.it.rit.edu/~ell/il03-trends/

Posted: Mon - November 24, 2003 at 02:59 PM