Exhibits Open @ 5pm

The doors are opened and eager librarians rush in to meet exhibitors and enjoy the buffets and open bar...

Innovative is here. As is Yahoo Search ...Gale. ..

Animated conversation is overheard (the origins of con-grunting):

"Blogs...blogs...and more blogs...."

"Support from library administration..."

"I enjoyed your session..."

"Who's your vendor?"

"Is this a hotspot?"

"How was your flight?"

This is a library schmooze-fest at its best.....the wine flows! I chat with a nice librarian who notices my laptop and is eager to buy a Macintosh .

Tonite I am off to dinner with my editor from Neal Schuman to get caught up and discuss what the future may hold.

More later!

Posted: Mon - November 3, 2003 at 06:11 PM