Endnote Noted II

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I'm sorry, Janis, I can't find your e-mail to ask if I quote you here!!! I like this because it captures Barbara Quint's talk very well!

"Notes from the Endnote speakers at the Internet Librarian 2003 conference
Speakers Cindy Hill, Michael Stephens, Barbara Quint

First speaker --Cindy Hill:
Manage your library like a business! Cindy is currently into strategic business management, digital publishing (create, write, archive, disseminate).

Michael Stephens:
Where are we going? Everywhere fast!
What are the future roles of the librarian?
--the planning librarian -- sees the big picture
--the informed librarian -- master searcher, RSS user, unfettered, relentless
--the virtual librarian --
--the digital librarian -- itunes, audible.com, libraries circulating MP3 players, digital content on demand.
--the building librarian -- Libraries as spaces and places, community living rooms, information commons, safe place to hang out for any teen.

Barbara Quint (from a speakerphone)
She cares about librarians.
The surviving roles will be:
--executive valets -- executives are overloaded with information. They'll hire an information professional of their own to feed them just the information they need.
--archivists-- need them even more
--content critics -- guardians, the last line of defense, evaluators, filters
--and a few positions will be left for the traditional librarian -- not growing.

Librarians have an image problem. They pay you for what they think you do, not for what you really do. We must separate ourselves and do what we know we can do.One thing that won't change: the service ethic that defines librarians. We serve the minds of the people.

What should libraries stop doing? Stop providing any service that somebody else is doing better."

Posted: Mon - November 24, 2003 at 01:51 PM