The Top Word of the Year is.... (but the 2nd Word is....)

CNN reports that has listed the Top Words of 2003

Take a look:

1. Embedded
News correspondents embedded in military units suggested to many that news correspondents were in bed with the military.

2. Blog

Web logs have come of age and, regrettably, this lexical mutation with them.

WooHoo! Number 2 is BLOG... not their favorite word, I see, but indeed very popular in 2003. Was it Liz Lawley at IL that said " blog " is a rather unfortunate name? I've come to agree...Will there be a blog backlash and a new term? Or will blogs just became a regular part of the web and not actually named differently...

What a year! I didn't know in January 2003 that I would be fact, blogging on 6 different topics ...

And look at this:

Top Internet Words Moving into Widespread Use

1. Ping
Send a reminder, as in 'Ping me about that!'

2. Multitask
To perform several tasks at the same time.

3. 10X
In high tech jargon, the competitive advantage that separates a company from its competition.

4. Off line
The replacement for "out of it," as 'Are you listening or are you off line?'

5. Bandwidth
Capacity, as 'We'll have to increase our bandwidth to handle the order.'

I love it!! Right now, it is the 26th of December 2003, I'm at my Mobile Office in Mishawaka, multitasking this entry, some galleries for , buying tickets to see Hairspray in Chicago , pondering if I need more bandwidth in my brain for all the cool stuff I learned about in 2003 and what I want to do with it in 2004, working on the recruiting PPT that may place SJCPL in the 10X, and feeling pretty good because I was offline for two days this week. Ping me with comments!

Posted: Fri - December 26, 2003 at 10:31 AM