KFOG to iTunes

I read with glee this post at Jenny's site, then today MacMinute has this:


The exclusive digital EP "From KFOG to iPod" by The Thrills was released today on Apple's iTunes Music Store, less than 48 hours after the band recorded the tracks at a KFOG-FM Emerging Artist Concert in San Francisco on Sunday, January 25.

If music can move to the people that fast why bother with all the hoopla of packaging, markups and rolling out to the music shop to buy. Of course, I will for some releases, like the upcoming Fleetwood Mac Remasters, but if I can get darn cool tracks downloaded on my Mac, iPods and on a CD for the car... I'm set...

Jenny mentions that libraries should be aware of this shift... yes indeed. We certainly don't want to be left behind trying to circulate an outdated format... but when do CDs actually become outdated? People still check out the fast aging VHS tape (uhhhhh...I disconnected my VCR last year and have never looked back...) but DVD circs are way past those of the tape. When digital-file devices are in the majority of homes and the last CD Walkman gives up the ghost, libraries can junk their CDs. But what about all that expensive furniture to hold the CDs???

Posted: Wed - January 28, 2004 at 11:27 AM