Future of E-Mail

Via Yahoo News (Via RSS!):


"In the next five years, e-mail will encompass everything from brawnier publishing skills and rights management to compliance tools and identity management. Mailing lists, for example, which have been around for years--albeit typically run as separate applications on servers--will give way to services that better resemble Web publishing. "Clients will include richer subscription management tools," he predicted, and offer ways to move e-mail content, including attached files, to Web logs--known as blogs--for up-to-date posting of internal enterprise information."

I have seen the shift in my own news and info gathering from mailing lists for library stuff to blog environments (like Library Stuff, Jenny's Shifted blog and the Free Range Librarian) as well as the shift to more chat based conversations or messaging. I've fired off an IM to Steven or Blake and know they'll see it when they get back or have time respond. Pretty cool.

Future thoughts: I'd like to see SJCPL use IM for some types of communication -- maybe to support staff in IT or to my office and software support/training issues from various public desks and offices.I'll let you know.

Posted: Sun - January 4, 2004 at 11:04 AM