Blogging makes Connections in Surprising Ways (Or Bloomingdale's Flat Screens)

I use the SightBlog for my favorite images. I've also noticed it accounts for a lot of hits because my photo descriptions become page titles in iBlog for publishing. For example if you Google "Spider Lake MI" you get links to my image blog and the TC blog in the top 10. One of the most popular referrals I get is for "Bloomingdale's Home Store Chicago." This was how writer Dawn Allcot found my image of the flat screens at Bloomingdale's . She e-mailed me and asked if Sound & Communications magazine could use this image for a story she was writing about the renovation of the Medinah Temple in Chicago into the audio/visual enhanced shopping experience it has become. I said yes. And today I received my copy of the magazine in the mail with my photo on the cover!! I also provided a shot of the dome as well that they used. All I wanted was a photocredit with the URL for .... :-)

How cool is that to have met a writer virtually and getting a picture in a magazine through posting images to a blog?

Posted: Fri - January 30, 2004 at 09:02 AM