A Day in Seattle (and introducing LibDar)

LOCATION: Local Color Cafe (FREE WIFI!)

How nice to have a day in Seattle to get situated. I started EARLY from the jetlag no doubt... at 4AM!!! I was bathed and ready to go by 5:30am. Finally, the city caught up with me at 7am and I went to breakfast at Lowell's in the Market . Two ladies were waiting with me for them to open and my librarian radar (libdar if you will) went off... "Here for the conference," I asked?

They were. We went in and chatted and I joined them for a nice breakfast. They were from Salem Public Library in Oregon and had taken Amtrak up to Seattle the day before... What fun to chat with them:

* The Salem library is an ISP!

* They have the same internet patron trials and travails we all do!

* We praised consistency of service across libraries in a system. It's hard for people to fill in when one branch does something one way and another does it differently....

This is one of my favorite things about conferences is chatting and learning from other librarians. Have a great conference ladies!

Posted: Tue - February 24, 2004 at 03:34 PM