A Typical Day

I am home now... a little under the weather but still reeling with how much there was to take in at PLA. I miss the days already:

5am: Exercise at the Seattle Athletic Club (I know..I couldn't sleep...)

6am: Venti double bag Awake with room from the original Starbucks

7am: Breakfast with my SJCPL Crew at Lowell's in the Market where each day we meet more librarians!

8am: Off to the Convention Center/E-mail check/writing/blogging/

9am: Sessions, Exhibits, Networking

Lunch: A good Seattle dining experience & hopefully some quick sight-seeing... Kalakala anyone?

2pm: Sessions, Exhibits, Networking

6pm: Dinner with friends and colleagues... Thanks to Charles & Miguel at Neal Schuman for a great evening at 727!!

9pm: Almost ready for bed...watching the ferries steam by our window at the Inn at the Market

Ahhh...sigh... Seattle....

Posted: Tue - March 2, 2004 at 09:44 AM