Tue - March 9, 2004

CIL Cell Phone Shots 1

Greetings from CIL & TTW! This conference has been AMAZING. My iBlog software, however, has not been. I am unable to post right now so please come back and I'll be back ASAP ... I am very blessed to have some colleagues here who are helping me with these tech problems.


More later,



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Sun - March 7, 2004

Welcome to DC

Flew in very early this am and I have settled in my room at the Hilton. Time to breathe now and time to work on stuff for this week and for next...

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Thu - March 4, 2004

Shifting Gears to CIL 2004

Wow... PLA was GREAT...and it wore me out... and now I'm recharging before I'm off to DC on Sunday for CIL... See you in DC!

I'll be co-hosting a dine-around Thursday Night for bloggers with Steven Cohen and Jenny Levine! Scott Brandt has one Tuesday night for tech trainers!

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Sun - February 22, 2004

CIL Photo Gallery 2000-2002


Here's a gallery of some favorite shots from previous trips out to DC for CIL.

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Wed - February 18, 2004

CIL is Forthcoming.... Are you?

I am off to PLA next week but on the 7th of March I get on a plane bound for DC for Computers in Libraries 2004 . I'll be doing the pre-conference workshop with Scott Brandt and talking about celebrating/motivating staff during the conference. Also: look for some news about a unique dining opportunity coming soon...

Here's just some of the stuff I'm looking forward to:

The Wednesday evening Dead Technologies fest... (with Jenny Levine on the podium this year!)

Walking through DuPont Circle each morning to get tea and soak up some local color before sessions begin

Dinner at Raku , my favorite noodle place...

Meeting and greeting with colleagues I don't get to see as much as I'd like....

See you at the Hilton!

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Thu - February 5, 2004

5-Star Training @ CIL

Scott Brandt and I have been working on our pre-conference workshop and he rocked my world with a cool update of the PPT we use. I've been tweaking the DVD created just for the workshop! This is going to be fun....

Here's my post about our IL2003 Workshop.

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Tue - January 27, 2004

"Ray of Light" at CIL 2004

My talk at the conference is on motivating and celebrating staff with technology. I'll be showing the "Ray of Light" video my department made for last year's staff day at SJCPL. I'll be talking about how other libraries can do similar things on any budget! Hope to see you there!

Here's some screen shots of NRDT!

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Tue - January 20, 2004

I'm Booked!

Just made my flight reservation at United.com and booked my room at the Hilton over the phone (it's sold out except for CIL rooms...) Yes, Steven, U ROCK!! And who else will be at CIL for a dinner of bloggers and such???

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Mon - January 12, 2004

Jenny! Yes I am up for a Mobblog at CIL 2004

Jenny -- Sounds Good! I'm very anxious to be in DC for CIL 2004.... Looking forward to good sessions, a lot of elbow rubbing, and some good meals in DuPont Circle... Library bloggers? Mobbloggers? Wanna pick a night for dinner?

Get this -- I'm embedded in a private laptop/PC work cubicle on Terminal B at O'Hare! It's FAB...but $$$$$! I love technology stuff...but lordy the price needs to come down. I can't even type the per minute charges... gotta hurry!

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Mon - January 5, 2004

Hey! See YOU at Computers in Libraries 2004 in Washington DC

It does not get any better than a week in Washington DC in March! Dupont Circle in the springtime....

I'll be doing a pre-conference workshop with Scott Brandt and speaking about using technology to fire up staff. This is my fifth year attending.

Here's the conference guide, there's some pretty darn cool stuff...

Who's going? Who's in for a bloggers and Biblio-digerati Thai dinner? I'll be around blogging, learning, chatting, shooting pictures and rubbing some elbows. I look forward to seeing my colleagues and the friends I've made at these meetings!

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