Have you ego-surfed lately?

I just saw at CNN that "egosurf" has been added to the OED after not ten minutes ago seeing the variation "vanity surf" at The Lipstick Librarian (who made me laugh out loud this am).

I LOVE language and words. I've blogged here about Wordspy and meatloaf and now here is another vocabulary-based post.

What a great term to tell your classes about! Let them all egosurf their names or a friend's name. I did mine at Google. Looks like there are a few of us out there... including a realtor and a Web designer/poet/songwriter.

Use this as a chance to talk about buying domains as well:

www.michaelstephens.com (purchased but not in use by someone!)

www.michaelstephens.net (the realtor)

.biz .info .org are still free.

This is fun stuff that gets people (staff or public) thinking and surfing. Try it!

Posted: Sat - November 1, 2003 at 11:01 AM