Teaching RSS Basics this week

I'm teaching RSS to the Reference Staff this week. I'm using NetNewsWire Lite for the Mac and demonstrating with The Shifted Librarian, Library Stuff and the Yahoo News Feeds page. And touching on Yahoo's My Yahoo RSS stuff as well.

I'm telling them that "RSS is important" (which I believe it is because I've listened to a lot of knowledgeable folk discuss and look to the future of information delivery ) and assigning them the task of downloading the app, subscribing to 3-5 library related feeds and monitoring them.

I have already heard from two librarians who took the class this morning. They both added LISNews and several other blogs of library-related fare!

Useful resources:

Free Range Librarian's RSS Tutorial

Steven Cohen and Jenny Levine's RSS PPT

What is RSS and Why Should I care?

Posted: Tue - January 27, 2004 at 10:42 AM