iSights for Science Alive! (Web Cams in action for the Library)

NRDT, my area at SJCPL , opened the Technology Training Room for our day long science festival called SCIENCE ALIVE . The guys wanted to do something cool with tech as well as offering the access to science-related Web sites. We received approval to buy 4 Apple iSights and we used them to demo video chatting with iChat. @ were set up at opposite ends of the room. Kids could sit down and say "Hi" to each other...

The guys (super-creative lot) devised a cool way to highlight science as well as the video technology - a 5 minute "live" feed from Mars! Every hour on the hour, we'd tune into a video feed from Mars (our office) and chat with Astronaut Bob about some Mars facts! The kids loved and the adults were amused. I kid you not...this was an easy little bit any library could do with some Web cams, a bit of tech expertise and some motivated people!

Bob made the spacesuit and they projected a Marscape on the wall behind him... Dale manned the camera and handled the technical details and Adam hosted the chat in the Training Room while the audience of kids and parents looked on!

Posted: Fri - February 20, 2004 at 02:14 PM