Tue - January 20, 2004

I'll be drinking Diet Pepsi...thanks...


Wow. 1 in 3 wins... coolness...

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Thu - January 8, 2004

iPod Mini

Love the idea...love the look of the product...hate the price.. I have purchased every generation of iPod Apple has rfeleased since the beginning... but here I draw the line... If it was $99 0r eve $149 I'd ponder it...but....

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Tue - December 30, 2003

All About the iPod Battery

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Wed - December 24, 2003

Mini iPods?? Coolness!

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Sat - December 20, 2003

WalMart Music Store? Uh No THANK YOU.... Elizabeth Lawley says it very well...

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Tue - December 9, 2003

20 Million Songs -- Goodness!!!!

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Fri - November 28, 2003

Keith buys an iPod at the Apple Store

20 GB!!!

Keith's Top Picks:

"It's My Life" No Doubt
"Hands Down" Dashboard Confessional
"Blue & Yellow" The Used

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Sat - November 22, 2003

Share My Jack

Via MacRumours:


Wired reports about a new trend of plugging in to other people's iPods to see what their music is like....

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Sun - November 16, 2003

The iPod is Everywhere!!! It will be THE gift this Christmas

I'm going through the Sunday paper. The iPod is for sale at Circuit City, best Buy, Target...lordy... if you don't have one yet, put it on your list...

Rio Zen jukebox ultimate xtra blah? Peeeshaw!

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Sat - November 1, 2003

iPods in Libraries

Julie (Head of SJCPL's AV Area) and I have bantered about circulating MP3 players for months -- a rather cool idea. Kalamazoo PL has been doing it awhile. They link up to audible.com for content. My vote for a circulating player would be the iPod! Here's what I'd do in a perfect world:

Circulate 20 10GB iPods

Load 10 with the hottest AudioBooks going or collections of Audiobooks by super-hot authors -- purchased just for the iPod (you can't circulate something you've copied to MP3 format)

Load 10 with a sampling of the super-popular musical styles that people are into:

Show Tunes

Hot Hits of 2003 (including new releases - Fleetwood Mac and Madonna anyone?)
"Now that's what I call..." with all 12+ volumes


When the selections have run their course, the iPods are updated with new stuff and the originating CDs can be put into the collection. Rock On!

Patrons would give a credit card deposit of $300 and receive the iPod, the AC plug adaptor and cable to charge it, a case, a car kit and directions.

I googled to see if any libraries are circulating iPods but I didn't get any good hits.

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Fri - October 24, 2003

New Commercial for iPod

Excellent marketing! I downloaded the
song by the Black Eyed Peas!

Update: A longer version (:45) is up on the Apple site now. Well done!

How can the other hard drive-based digital jukeboxes compete with the coolness factor of the iPod, especially with the big iTunes for Windows coming on the 16th!!

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Great Stuff & Celebrities Too! Stipe! Moby!

I have updated my iTunes and my iPod ... I love the new features (the game, the easier access to songs, etc) and I'm tickled that Audiobooks are now available straight from the IMS!!!

Most of all, the celebrity playlists rock my world. Thanks Apple !! Michael Stipe included "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac live from the 1980 FM Live album in his... Moby has Joy Division and more....

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Sat - October 11, 2003

Dell's DJ... iPod Wanna-Be?

MacCentral posts this:


As part of a far-reaching effort to add a line of consumer electronics to its arsenal, PC maker Dell Inc. announced Thursday plans to introduce its own variations on Apple's iPod and iTunes Music Store for this upcoming holiday season.

Although details are still scant, the company indicates that it will produce the Dell Digital Jukebox, or DJ -- a "digital music player featuring a sleek design, with large storage capacity, excellent battery life and easy to use controls."

I'm interested in how this will play out....

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Wed - October 1, 2003

The 40GB iPod arrives

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Announcement Today....iTunes 4.1? Peripherals?


Can't wait to see what rolls out from Apple....

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Tue - September 30, 2003

New Music and a Rant about Prices

Adding new music to my iTunes library. Today I bought three new CDs:

Doors: Absolute Best

Steve Miller Greatest Hits

Very Best of the Grateful Dead

We were at Borders in Mishawaka and I had them in my hand but the prices seemed to be too too much: Miller was $18.99, Doors was $19.99 and the Dead was $14.99. I thought the Steve Miller would be on sale because it was just released and I asked but it wasn't. So I put them all back and went to Best Buy just up the street. Miller and the dead were $11.99 and the Doors were $19.99.... Note to the Borders corporate people: put the new releases on sale!!... I know they can't have sale prices as low as big 'ole Best Buy but please! Julie was with me and had purchased the new Simply Red . Best Buy had it just a dollar cheaper...

I love Borders: atmosphere, book selection, etc... but every dollar counts.... I wonder what the prices are at Barnes and Noble....

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Mon - September 1, 2003

40 GB iPod!!! Rock my Whole World, Apple!


I have about 34GB of music in iTunes at home so it will all fit if I choose to do so!

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Fri - August 1, 2003

Pioneer Player in the new Forester w/iPod AUX!

Last night, the incredible fellows at Best Buy Mishawaka installed a Pioneer DEH-P8500MP in the new Forester. Jon, incredible install guy, knew I wanted to play my iPod as well so he used the AUX in and wired in some RCS cables. I need a Monster iCable and I'm ready to roll.

The player is very nice, supporting MP3 and ready for an XM receiver if I evber go that way...but with an iPod why would I??

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Tracks are the new currency....

I chatted with Keith, my friend from college the other night, and we discussed how the advent of the Apple iTunes Music Store and services that are copying them will change the way we buy music forever. Albums may not be marketed the same ever again we pondered. "Tracks," Keith said, "will be the new currency of the Music Industry..."

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Sun - June 1, 2003

New iPod Review

30GB iPod.... new features...

I've been using the new iPod about a week. I am really impressed with the improvement of some of the features: the play, forward, back buttons... the scroll that feels just so COOL...and the rounded corners. I bought the Japanese version of the Sony Fontopia 71s -- they are white! Look for them on eBay or at AudioCubes . The dock is pretty cool but I am iffy on the adaptor to let the iPod charge directly to an outlet. The previous version was fluid and simple. I am pondering a second dock for the stereo.

I have a little over 31GB of music on the G4 at home so I was able to load up just about everything I'd ever want on the road or at Panera .

Below is the new iPod...with my favorite song playing....

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Mon - April 28, 2003

My Playlist & iPod Announcement Monday

My Top 5 on the iTunes/iPod Playlist this week:

1. Steal Your Heart Away
2. Peacekeeper
3. Say You Will
4. Thrown Down
5. Goodbye Baby

All 5 are from the new Fleetwood Mac album Say You Will. The fellas in NRDT haven't gotten sick of my repeated playings in the office!

I'm also eagerly waiting for Apple's MUSIC announcement on Monday. The download thing is cool but I am ready for a 30GB iPod (really 40 but I'm dreaming...) Currently I have a 10Gb and a 20GB...


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