New Music and a Rant about Prices

Adding new music to my iTunes library. Today I bought three new CDs:

Doors: Absolute Best

Steve Miller Greatest Hits

Very Best of the Grateful Dead

We were at Borders in Mishawaka and I had them in my hand but the prices seemed to be too too much: Miller was $18.99, Doors was $19.99 and the Dead was $14.99. I thought the Steve Miller would be on sale because it was just released and I asked but it wasn't. So I put them all back and went to Best Buy just up the street. Miller and the dead were $11.99 and the Doors were $19.99.... Note to the Borders corporate people: put the new releases on sale!!... I know they can't have sale prices as low as big 'ole Best Buy but please! Julie was with me and had purchased the new Simply Red . Best Buy had it just a dollar cheaper...

I love Borders: atmosphere, book selection, etc... but every dollar counts.... I wonder what the prices are at Barnes and Noble....

Posted: Tue - September 30, 2003 at 10:37 AM