New iPod Review

30GB iPod.... new features...

I've been using the new iPod about a week. I am really impressed with the improvement of some of the features: the play, forward, back buttons... the scroll that feels just so COOL...and the rounded corners. I bought the Japanese version of the Sony Fontopia 71s -- they are white! Look for them on eBay or at AudioCubes . The dock is pretty cool but I am iffy on the adaptor to let the iPod charge directly to an outlet. The previous version was fluid and simple. I am pondering a second dock for the stereo.

I have a little over 31GB of music on the G4 at home so I was able to load up just about everything I'd ever want on the road or at Panera .

Below is the new iPod...with my favorite song playing....

Posted: Sun - June 1, 2003 at 10:35 AM