Sun - February 22, 2004

Wed - January 7, 2004


Take a look:

You'll note that tracks from Fleetwood Mac's Say You Will CD was played a lot but my number one is "Barber's Adagio for Strings" by William Orbit. In California November I couldn't get enough of this track!

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Fri - December 26, 2003

What's on my iPod 12/26/03

The Morning After - Maureen McGovern
Dreaming - Blondie
Silence - Delerium
Pavement Cracks - Annie Lennox
Beautiful Child - Fleetwood Mac

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Sat - December 20, 2003

What's on My iPod 12/19/03

Special Holiday Mix:

Silent Night - Stevie Nicks (Live version)
Christmas Day - Dido
Terre Firma - Delerium
Gaudete - Medieval babes
River - Travis

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Sun - December 14, 2003

What's on My iPod 12/12/03

Traveling to Chicago tracks!

All or Nothing (Almighty Remix) - Cher
Sunrise - Simply Red
Beautiful Stranger - Madonna
Peacekeeper (Tin Tin Version) - Fleetwood Mac
Thrown Down (Demo) - Fleetwood Mac

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Sat - December 6, 2003

Michael's Greatest Hits Volume 1 Playlist

(This post was originally on my OLD Web site... probably 1996 or so.... Now, instead of a Mixtape or CDR, my GH is a playlist....Take this with the proverbial grain of salt... I was soooo young but the connections to the songs are still there.)

Heart of Glass : Blondie

This goes back a long time... I was in Junior High and this song was the best ever. I bought 45's then, and had to return to the K Mart 4 times because the single kept skipping. As in all of these songs, there is usually one line or sometimes a verse that goes straight to my heart... that speaks to me in MY voice...

"Lost inside, adorable illusion...."

Box of Rain : Grateful Dead

When I worked at the first Nightwinds music store, I opened every Wednesday. I would play the Fleetwood Mac White album and then AMERICAN BEAUTY by the Grateful Dead. This is song one and it has always been important to me.


"Then please don't be surprised if you find me dreamin' too..."


Southern Cross : CSN

For as long as I can remember I have loved this song. I have never seen the Southern Cross...someday, I know I will, but this song brings to light the idea that there is a greater purpose to things, and as many times that I HAVE fallen, there's always something important just beyond the everyday ups and downs. It might be the sea shore at sunset...Or climbing a hill at Yellowwood State Forest in the middle of the night to feel the wind blow through my hair...but there is something more....

"And the Southern Cross...."

Seven Bridges Road : Eagles

This rather country-style song contains some excellent harmonies that for some reason has always made me sad. "Sometimes there's a part of me..." Sometimes I feel like a need to turn from here and go -- like when I went to Washington.

"There are stars in the Southern Sky..."

Stand Back : Stevie Nicks

I always return to this song. When I'm angry, it's there, heartbeat loud and fervent. When I'm happy, it's a fast paced exhilaration. I love the words. It's a declaration of independence as well as an admission -- yes, I am emotional and yes, I would cry.... but don't mess with me.

" Like a willow, I can bend..."

Wonderous Stories : Yes

At IU, we spent a lot of time at Yellowwood State Forest. My friends and I, late at night would walk around the lake and under the trees. We played a lot of music then and many songs were by Yes. I always felt we were more in touch then. I remember Matt Z. and Julie and Tom and Lorre and Mark ...and Matt who visited from Mishawaka...

The "wonderous stories" were many. Sometimes I would like to return to hear more....

"As he spoke, my spirit climbed high into the sky..."

Love Letter : Bonnie Raitt

 A lighter tune. I loved this video, and Jennifer and I constructed a most wonderful fantasy video to this song involving the two owners of the store we worked at at the time -- mirroring the amazing video Bonnie did for this song!

"In the pouring rain...."

Silver Springs : Fleetwood Mac

 A most beautiful song from the Rumours era, never available until 1992 on CD.... It shimmers.... "Til the sound of my voice...."

"Time cast a spell on you . . . ."

Fast Car : Tracy Chapman

The first time I ever heard this song, I had been awake all night, driving to Florida for a vacation. The sun was coming up and hearing this simple tune tore me up! There's a theme brewing here -- escape... and remembering.

"I had a feeling that I belonged..."

Me in Honey : REM

1990: Driving like a maniac down from Michigan on a deserted country road, windows down and music loud. This is THE song.

Another angry song that I love.... Yeah, "WHAT ABOUT ME??" I had become fed up with a certain situation in my life. It was done. Time to let it die. But I still felt...something and I was mad. Like "Stand Back..." I demand at least some type of respect... "What about me?"

"You left me to love.....what it's doing to me..."

Heart of the Matter : Don Henley

Beyond "End of the Innocence" this is a favorite of mine from that absolutely amazing album. Sometimes I forget that forgiveness is one of the important things... and losing something or someone hurts...

" We all need a little tenderness..."

Do It Again : Steely Dan

When I was in Bloomington we spent a lot of listening to a lot of stuff from the 70's. We hung out in my bedroom, with the tapestries on the walls, the candles...crystals.... It was wonderful. This song reminds me most of those times... WILD college years... well, wild in my book..I was never really wild.

"The Quervo Gold...."


Do You Know : Fleetwood Mac

This is one of Fleetwood Mac's most beautiful songs. It is sad, but not... Well, "I can't leave it the way that it was..." Listen for the tambourine in the background... was that Stevie? The "tapestry of voices" shimmers like no other NEW Mac song.

 "And if I fall -- if I ever fall in love again, I hope I will feel the same."

If You Want To Sing Out : Cat Stevens

 I saw "Harold and Maude" in 1984 at Union Board Films on campus at IU . If you haven't seen it, run, don't walk to the nearest video store! I was enlightened! Maude preaches the word of NEW EXPERIENCE and LIVING LIFE. I had been mostly turtle-like, hiding in the proverbial shell. This film, and Cat Stevens' songs opened my mind.

" Cause there's a million things to be..."

Go Your Own Way : Fleetwood Mac

This is my favorite song by Lindsey Buckingham. I love the opening lines.... And the tambourine playing at the end. It's a great Fleetwood Mac song -- very loud, angry, coming on like a freight train! One of my favorite driving at night songs!

" Another lonely day...."

Comfortably Numb : Pink Floyd

 This is one of my favorite Floyd songs -- very dream-like. It floats... "like two balloons.." We used to listen to THE WALL at Nightwinds a lot. This was always the best song... I always wanted to run out of the store, up a hill and spread my arms out wide, the wind blowing against me...

" When I was a child, I caught a fleeting glimpse...."

Bang A Gong - Get It On : T-Rex

 This song is too cool. The video is pure 60's psychedelia. The smiling girls dancing in floor length print dresses and boots - with 60's hair. Whenever I hear it, I would love to time travel back to whenever this was a hit and dance like a crazy guy in some discotheque -- with weird lights on the wall, and all of that cool stuff...

" Meanwhile, I'm still thinkin...."

Kid Fears : Indigo Girls

Matt and I went camping in the summer of '89, right before I went to Washington. I had just gotten this CD and the songs were -- and still are -- amazing. I sat in Matt's car on a rainy afternoon and listened. I was overwhelmed. So much emotion.... And Michael Stipe -- when he sings behind them -- that first line...I'm speechless.

" Are you on fire?"

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Fri - December 5, 2003

What's on My iPod 12/5/03

Amie - Counting Crows
Steal Your Heart Away - Fleetwood Mac
Ramblin' Man - Allman Brothers
Insider - Tom Petty with Stevie Nicks
Love of Strings - Moby

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Sun - November 30, 2003

What's on My iPod 11/28/03

In Chicago with Keith:

Semi Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind
Seven Wonders - Fleetwood Mac
Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
Take A Chance on me - Erasure
Thrown Down - Fleetwood Mac

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Fri - November 21, 2003

What's on My iPod 11/21/03

I got Moby's new CD/DVD package!

So these are at the top of my playlist today:

Love Of Strings
String Electro

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Tue - November 18, 2003

What's on My iPod 11/14/03

Post Northwest Vacation, down with a cold.... but these are at the top of my list:

Falling - Julee Cruise (Wonder why)
All or Nothing (Almighty Remix) - Cher
Send Your Love - Sting
Fallen - Sarah McLachlan
Harbour - Moby

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Sun - November 16, 2003

What's on My iPod 11/7/03

Monterey Mix:

Barber's Adagio for Strings - William Orbit
Romance Revisited - Culture Club (an extra track from the Colour by Numbers reissue)
Falling - Julee Cruise
Sweet Harmony - The Beloved
Sun Rising - The Beloved

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Fri - October 31, 2003

What's on My iPod 10/31/03

Favorites for a Halloween Listen:

Rhiannon (Live 1980) - Fleetwood Mac
Sisters of the Moon - Fleetwood Mac
Haunted - Poe
Sorcerer - Stevie Nicks
Rhiannon (CD Version) - Fleetwood Mac

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Fri - October 17, 2003

What's on My iPod 10-17-03

Victims - Culture Club
Mistake #3 - Culture Club
The Dive - Culture Club
Drive - REM
Praise You - Fatboy Slim

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Fri - October 10, 2003

What's on My iPod 10-10-03

Currently at the top of my playlists:

Roundabout - Yes
Morning Has Broken - Cat Stevens
Hole in Your Soul - ABBA
Suzy & Jeffrey - Blondie
I Will Run to You - Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty

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Fri - October 3, 2003

What's on My iPod 10/03/03

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Fri - September 26, 2003

What's on My iPod 9/26/03

New purchases make the Top of my Playlist:

Fly Like an Eagle - Steve Miller Band
Similar Features - Melissa Etheridge (Remastered!)
White Flag - Dido (Apple iTunes Music Store, thank you very much..."
Fallen - Sarah McLachlan
Touch of Grey - Grateful Dead

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Fri - September 19, 2003

What's on My iPod 9-19-03

Heading North for one of the last weekends at the cottage....

A Moby playlist was on top:

Love of Strings
Signs of Love

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Fri - September 12, 2003

What's on My iPod 9/12/03

In Chicago for Fleetwood Mac with David:

Gypsy - Fleetwood Mac
Too Far From Texas - Stevie Nicks
Beautiful Child - Fleetwood Mac
Say You Will - Fleetwood Mac
Angel - Fleetwood Mac

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Thu - September 11, 2003

What's on My iPod (9-11)

Illume - Fleetwood Mac

"What I saw on this journey
I saw history go down
I cannot pretend
That the heartache falls away
It's just like a river
Ooh, it's never ending
I cannot pretend
That the heartache falls away "

I Will Remember You - Sarah McLachlan

"Weep not for the memory.."

Calling All Angels - Train

"I want a reason for the way things have to be
I need a hand to help build up some kind of hope inside of me "

Signs of Love - Moby

I can have the sun it come
And touch me on my shoulder
Think of all the things that I could
Wish that i had told her

Beautiful Child - Fleetwood Mac

Your hands, held mine so few hours
And I'm not a child anymore

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Fri - August 22, 2003

What's on My iPod 8/22/03

Because I'm hanging out with my friend Ryan today who just got to see Shania Twain in Chicago, I'm listening to:

Man! I Feel like A Woman
No One Needs to Know - Twister Soundtrack
You're Still The One
That Don't Impress Me Much
Too Far from Texas - Stevie Nicks and Natalie Maines (just because...)

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Thu - August 21, 2003

Summer Playlist 2003

Here it is: the official Summer Playlist for 2003. Most of these songs are available at the Apple iTunes Store...

Say You Will (Single Version) - Fleetwood Mac
Drift Away - Uncle Kracker
Is She Really Going Out With Him - Sugar Ray
Don't Dream It's Over - Sixpence None the Richer
The Remedy - Jason Mraz
Peacekeeper - Fleetwood Mac
Unwell - Matchbox Twenty
Deliver Me - Sarah Brightman
Calling All Angels - Train
Thrown Down - Fleetwood Mac
Come Away With Me - Norah Jones
Miles From Here - Paul McCrane (Unreleased song from FAME)
Do What You Wanna - Ramsey Lewis (remixed by Mr. Scruff)
Pure Shores - All Saints
Steal Your Heart Away - Fleetwood Mac
Love of Strings & Harbour - Moby
Goodbye Baby - Fleetwood Mac

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Fri - August 15, 2003

What's on My iPod 8/15/03

Silence - Delerium
Rapture - Blondie (9 minute Super Special Mix)
All Over the World - ELO (from Xanadu - a guilty pleasure)
Power of Two - Indigo Girls
Sunchyme - Dario G (LONG version)

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Fri - August 8, 2003

What's on my iPod 8/8/03

Part of my Summer Mix:

Say You Will (Single Version) - Fleetwood Mac
Drift Away - Uncle Kracker
Love of Strings - Moby
Calling All Angels - Train
Talkin' to My Angel - Melissa Etheridge

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Fri - August 1, 2003

What's on My iPod 8/1/03

Songs at the top of my list include:

Is She really Going Out with Him - Sugar Ray
Drift Away - Uncle Kracker
Boys of Summer - Ataris
Don't Dream It's Over - Sixpence None the Richer
Landslide - Dixie Chicks

Yes, it's a weekend of cover songs.... Rock On....

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Fri - July 25, 2003

What's on My iPod 7/25/03

Blondie is! Now that I've posted about the remasters I broke some tunes out!

1. Heart of Glass - 5:51 version or Disco Version on remastered Parallel Lines -- this is THE song!!!
2. Shayla - Eat to the beat
3. Angels on the Balcony - Autoamerican
4. I'm Always Touched by Your Presence Dear - Greatest Hits
5. Dreaming - Eat to the Beat

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