Sun - February 1, 2004

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Fri - December 19, 2003

iTunes Registry

I uploaded my music XML file to and here's what it said about my library:

You don't have enough song ratings to be very good at this, but I'll try. I can't determine your favorite genre, but your favorite artist is The Beloved which is weird since you've spent more time listening to Fleetwood Mac , but then you have more of that artist than anything else (in this genre).

Then I uploaded my XML data again after rating about 100 more songs and got this:

You appear to like Rock the most, with Sheryl Crow your favorite, which is weird since you've spent more time listening to Fleetwood Mac , but then you have more of that artist than anything else (in this genre). Moby is your favorite overall artist.

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Tue - December 16, 2003

Volume Logic!!!!

The first iTunes sound plug in is out!!! Try it!! Buy it!

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Thu - December 4, 2003

Tops of the Pops - Michael's Top Songs

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Thu - November 20, 2003

iTunes Power User Tips

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Tue - November 18, 2003

My Library is now Online!

I used iTunes Catalog ! Grab this program if you're like me and love messing with your music....

The newest version automatically publishes to .Mac!

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Thu - October 23, 2003

A Tune a Day

Check out and suggest your favorite songs! It's a great way to see what people are into!

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Tue - October 21, 2003

I have moved my playlists to all three Macs

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Mon - October 13, 2003

Digital Remastering Plug-In

From MacCentral:

"Any audio playing in iTunes -- including MP3s, AACs, Internet radio and CDs -- will be digitally remastered for consistent volume level and spectral balance, according to Octiv. Low levels are "intelligently" raised and loud signals are kept under control. The Volume Logic plug-in incorporates a five-band dynamics processor that examines and adjusts the audio; files aren't scanned or modified. Octiv was able to make their audio processing technology compatible with iTunes by working with Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack technology, which enables the recording of audio from any application. Volume Logic is available as a free download through a public beta program that runs until Dec. 31."

Here's the link to download:

I tried the plug-in with TUSK and THE WILD HEART because those CDs do not have the best mastering. It was pretty darn amazing.

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Fri - October 10, 2003

Smart Playlists

I've made 6 Smart Playlists to create 6 CDs for the new Trailblazer (it has a changer in it and no way to wire in the iPod..) One playlist gathers new adds to the library, another randomly selects from my top plays, It's pretty darn cool.

I burn a CD when the playlists change or if I tweak the criteria.

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Wed - October 8, 2003

Smart Playlists Site

Via :

I'm trying some as I blog this.....

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New Category: iTunes Stuff

I'll post here about using iTunes with the iPod, etc....

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