Tue - January 20, 2004

My Pic at iPodLounge!

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Sat - December 27, 2003

iTunes Publisher Helps me share my Mixes on the Web

Thanks Jukka (who looked like a million bucks at his wedding ) for emailing me and getting me jump started to find out how to do this! These are some of my favorite mixes... collections that started as CDs before iTunes came along (and after)...


Download iTunes Publisher and try it out!!

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Wed - December 24, 2003

Happy Holidays from Michael

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Fri - December 12, 2003

In Front of the Apple Store

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Mon - October 20, 2003

iPod Companion!

I think I like this...but I want to hear it...

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Wed - October 1, 2003

Cool Bags for iPods and More....

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Sat - September 13, 2003

I love my Jam Jacket

A high recommendation at the Apple Store lead me to purchase the Jam Jacket and I love it! It protects the iPod and makes it look very cool.

Here's the product at EverythingIPod...

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